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2018 Speakers

Etienne Drouet

Engie Lab Singapore Director, ENGIE

Etienne joined GDF SUEZ (former name of ENGIE) in 2007 as a research engineer working on Smart Metering and workforces management.

Since 2009, Etienne has become a project manager. From 2009 to 2011 he coordinated the research activities on workforces management, working in business thematic such as gas distribution and transport, water distribution and gas exploration and production.

From 2012 to 2014, Etienne worked as a project manager for Smart Energy and Environment solutions, with a strong focus on Smart City. He managed a team of 15 persons dedicated to smart activities : achievements includes the design and evaluation of Big Data’s solution, development of a cyber security expertise, conception of digital services, hardware and software Benchmark, telecommunication expertise, web development,…Etienne also managed Sociological studies on the Energy stakes and goals such as the acceptability of smart solutions in social housing.

Since 2014, Etienne is responsible for developing ENGIE’s R&D activity in South East Asia, being the local director of ENGIE Lab Singapore , the Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Distributed Energies Resources.

Recent key achievements:

- Launch of ENGIE Lab Singapore, ENGIE’s R&D center in APAC (current headcount: 6).

REIDS: a multi-Energies µgrid demonstrator in Singapore to develop off grid solutions

  - PowerZee : a digital solution for buildings’ using a behavioral approach to foster energy efficient behaviors among student, designed with the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU)

Cit’ease, ENGIE’s Smart City Dashboard’s conception and first experimentation.

 - SHOWE-IT: European program to evaluate the sociological impact of smart metering systems for Water, Electricity and Gas in collective households environments.

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